Der gleiche Glaube, das gleiche Ideal

Lippetaler Passionsspiele e. V.

Year of Foundation:2012
Last Performance:2019
Next Performance:2024
Years of Intervall:3 - 5
Performances / Intervall:9
Total Visitors / Intervall:2250
Play Duration in Minutes:180
Seats / Place for Visitors:250
Number of Actors:100

Performance Type / Place:
St. Albertus-Magnus Kirche, 59510 Lippetal-Hovestadt

City Website:
Region Website:

Nearby large City:
Dortmund (60 km) / Münster (60 km)

Nearby Airport:
Lippstadt-Paderborn (50 km), Dortmund-Wickede (50 km)